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Poker Chips

Crow’s Head Poker Currency™ is a collection of casino grade poker chips, poker plaques, and poker jetons, each made of distinct, high quality substrates, and are offered in Traditional, Contemporary, and High Roller Collections to match the needs and tastes of every poker player.

Contemporary Collection

A variety of contemporary poker chips & poker plaques made of casino grade ceramic, featuring modern designs from the quirky to the cool.

Impala Casino Real Clay Poker Chips

Traditional Collection

The Traditional Collection offers a selection of poker chips that are traditionally themed from old school saloons to time-honored men's clubs.

The High Roller Collection

The High Roller Collection are high denomination poker jetons for high stakes, high class poker.


the essence of poker

The sound of a riffling chip stack, the way a card floats atop the deck. The incomparable power of the poker experience. We at Crow’s Head agonize the details that make our poker chips and other poker products the most playable poker instruments available. All of our products are deliberately designed, manufactured, and tested with the playing experience in mind. The sight, the sound, the feel. The way you experience the game.

Crow’s Head

Bring Your Game!

Crow’s Head poker chips and our other paraphernalia are the relevant option for poker aficionados who want to play with finer provisions. Whether it’s the high quality Gambler’s Clay™ of our Impala Casino poker chips, the purposeful high denomination plaques of the Infinity Poker Room set, or the high class designs of our High Roller collection, we offer the most authentic poker playing instruments available.

With Crow’s Head Poker Currency™, playing cards, and even our custom configured carry cases, you’ll be treated to a unique, exclusive poker experience like no other on the planet. Treat yourself to a more authentic game of poker?