Our complete poker chip sets include a crystal clear acrylic chip case, with each set properly configured for Cash games or for Tournament style games. Choose one of our exclusive chip themes, then discover the many configurations available for your new chip set. All of Crow's Head poker chip sets are efficiently configured to support more players per set.

    Traditional poker chip sets

    From wild west saloons to modern day card rooms. Poker chips with traditional styling made of ceramic and the highest quality clay.

    Contemporary poker chip sets

    For the modern poker player. These high quality, graphically rich, ceramic poker chips are printed using dye sublimation for amazing graphics and colors not available to other substrates.

    High Roller poker jeton sets

    From Monaco to Macau, poker jetons are the poker chips of the high-end casino scene world over. High Roller Jetons are exclusively from Crow's Head Poker.

    Find your poker soulmate

    Deliberate design make each of our unique chip sets not only beautiful to look at, but even better to play with. All of our Poker Currency® is made with the playing experience in mind. The sight, the sound, the feel - the difference that comes with Crow’s Head chip face topography, exclusive materials, and multi denom graphics. Our incredible poker chips, plaques, and our exclusive High Roller Jetons are built to the highest of standards - our own. Crow’s Head uses Gambler's® Clay, proprietary chip architecture, casino grade ceramics, and Clearview® colors for the most impressive game of poker you’ve ever hosted.