Infinity Poker Room Hi-Lo Chip Set – Tourneys & Cash Games


Bring that casino thrill to your home game with the incredible Infinity Poker Room plaques/chip set. The Infinity Poker Room plaque/chip set is a remarkable set where plaques are an integral part of the denomination scheme. This unique set provides poker chips at the lower denominations and only poker plaques at the high denominations, which makes for great fun at the table as well as stellar looking chip stacks! As part of a set, our plaques perfectly match the accompanying chips in materials, surface textures, and graphics, for a continuity throughout the set for a rewarding poker experience. Like all of our Poker Currency™, this extraordinary plaque/chip set is exclusive to Crow’s Head.

1080 PLAQUES & CHIPSThis plaque/chip set is configured to support both cash games and tournament style games. Cash games up to 5 players with a 50BB short stack buyin (10 buyins total to allow for rebuys) or Tournaments of 5 players with a rebuy (10 players with no rebuy). This set has chip quantities of (25¢ x 250) (50¢ x 250) ($1 x 50)  &  ($5 x 200) ($25 x 150) ($100 x 100) ($500 x 40) ($1000 x 40). 

Two Crow’s Head plaque/chip cases included.


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